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NeurOptimal® is an advanced neuro-technology that offers training to the brain, enabling it to function at its best. It works directly with the brain and has been called “the most effective bio-hack on this planet." NeurOptimal® has a long and venerable history with over three million hours of safe and effective usage!


This innovative form of neurofeedback is not a medical treatment, but instead is a training for the brain. It does not require diagnosis, but rather it dances micro-second by micro-second with your brain offering it the information it needs to re-organize itself. And when your brain does that, a whole lot of complaints drop away. You feel calmer, clearer, happier and able to function better in your life.





After more than 3 million hours of safe

and effective usage, Neuroptimal® has demonstrated many therapeutic and

health benefits.

  • Enhance Wellness

  • Reduce Stress

  • Optimize Intelligence

  • Athletic Training

  • Improve Brain Functions

  • Gain Better Focus

  • Boost Attention and Memory

  • Postpone Effects of Aging

  • Develop Personally and Spiritually

  • Helps to Enrich Personal and Work Relationships

  • Enhance Creativity

  • Personal Development

  • Help with Autism and Behavioral Issues

  • Mitigate ADD/ADHD Symptoms

  • Speeds Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

  • Overcome "Chemobrain" Associated with Cancer Treatment

  • Reduce Test Anxiety

  • Improve Family Relationships

  • And More!




Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions here!


What happens in a session?

When you come to Lumen for your NeurOptimal session, you will be invited to fill out a few quick forms that can be used to help you measure your progress (which you can use at home also). But diagnosis and evaluation of specific symptoms is completely unnecessary for NeurOptimal® to work effectively. This saves you both time and money. You will sit in a comfortable chair and simply relax. Two tiny sensors are applied to your scalp and earclips to your ears. These sensors allow NeurOptimal® to read the delicate electrical activity of your brain, much like an EKG reads your heart. You then listen to music and watch an ever-changing visual display, although you can close your eyes and tune out if you prefer. Children sometimes like to play a game or read a book. There are very brief pauses in the sound indicating NeurOptimal® is at work, invisibly guiding you through four unique “Zen Modes” during which the challenge to your brain is varied. Despite the complexity “under the hood”, no effort is required from you during sessions, at all! Simply relax and enjoy the 35-45 minute session while your brain re-organizes itself.


How many sessions?

Because everyone’s central nervous system is different, it is not possible to predict exactly how your brain will respond to the information NeurOptimal® provides. You can reasonably expect to see something shift within half a dozen sessions, and for many it is within a session or two. The good thing is you do not have to take it on faith and trust that it will help you — you will know pretty quickly if it is helping you. And we have progress tracking tools to help you document your training. How many sessions will it take to “complete” your training? This depends partly upon your goals. If you are training to feel better quickly, you might decide after 10-12 sessions that you have made enough gains and stop. On the other hand, if you are looking for lasting changes, 20-30 sessions is a better ballpark. The good thing is you can stop at any time and always pick it up again later if you so choose. Any training you have done in the past will always serve you well should you do more sessions in the future — no session is ever wasted. For some however, training their brain is like training the body. They want to function at their best throughout their lifetime, and they like to maintain that best even when life presents its inevitable day to day knocks and bruises. After a period of initial training they may choose to continue with monthly sessions to give their brain a regular opportunity to “defrag”. Or, like many of us, they just do a session when they feel they need it. But in the end, it is always up to you, because it is YOUR brain that is doing the training and it knows what it needs. We also have an in-depth NeurOptimal® Survey that you can explore, which shows you (among other things) how many sessions it takes to get what percentage of improvement, for a wide variety of complaints people present with. In short, you can see statistically the amount of improvement you can expect over time, helping you to make an informed decision about number of sessions. Your trainer will also be able to help you with this too.


Do the effects last?

NeurOptimal® is a learning task, like learning to ride a bike or learning how to read: Once you know, you can’t “not know”, so the effects do remain with you. But your brain is also living tissue, and it can get “knocked off” by challenges, by hormonal changes, pollutants in the environment and the stresses of our everyday lives. When this happens, a session or two can help you get back on point, working at your optimal efficiency. Even if you come back many years later, the brain recognizes the information it receives from NeurOptimal®. It can find its way back relatively rapidly -– much more quickly than the first time you did the training. So if you did a fairly complete initial training (say 20-30 sessions), and then have a major challenge like an illness, the loss of a job or a relationship, or even a head injury or anesthetic, your brain can quickly and efficiently use the information it receives from NeurOptimal® to reorganize itself and “find its way back”. As we like to say: “You’ve always got NeurOptimal® in your back pocket”!


Anybody with a brain! This is because training your brain with NeurOptimal® will get you functioning at your best, whatever that best is. NeurOptimal® is used by peak performing athletes, artists, and business people who want to achieve and maintain their edge. NeurOptimal® is used by individuals who are not functioning at their best and want a drug-free approach to feeling and functioning better. And  NeurOptimal® is used in the care of adults and children with severe impairments.


The brain has an inherent ability to self-correct when given the right information and NeurOptimal® is designed to provide the brain with the information it needs to make its own adjustments. Turbulence, or abrupt changes in electrical activity in the brain, undermines optimal functioning of the brain. NeurOptimal® detects these abrupt changes and informs the brain of these sudden shifts through interruptions in the sound you are listening to.


These almost imperceptible pauses invite your central nervous system to pull away from this less-than-ideal path it was on. This happens over and over until the natural self-correction becomes your new normal and your brain functions more efficiently, effectively and comfortably. When this happens, you sleep better, are less stressed, can focus more easily and feel the joy of an easier life, despite the challenges you may face from the outside





Improving Your Golf Game

Dr. Valdean Brown, co-developer of the NeurOptimal® brain training system discusses using neurofeedback to up his golf game.


Do It for the Kids

Neurofeedback brain training is 100% safe for kids. Regular brain training with a neurofeedback system like NeurOptimal® offers an alternative for parents who want to avoid prescription drugs and the labeling stigma of a specific diagnosis for their children. "Do it for the kids!".


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