NeurOptimal® is an advanced neuro-technology that offers training to the brain, enabling it to function at its best. It works directly with the brain and has been called “the most effective bio-hack on this planet." NeurOptimal® has a long and venerable history with over three million hours of safe and effective usage!


This innovative form of neurofeedback is not a medical treatment, but instead is a training for the brain. It does not require diagnosis, but rather it dances micro-second by micro-second with your brain offering it the information it needs to re-organize itself. And when your brain does that, a whole lot of complaints drop away. You feel calmer, clearer, happier and are able to function better in your life.



Train your brain to support personal growth, healing, and overall wellness.

  • Uses EEG Sensors

  • Interrupts Negative Cognitive Patterns

  • Supports Positive Cognitive Patterns

  • Relaxing

  • Lasts 33-Minutes




Reduce Stress

& Anxiety


Increase Focus

& Concentration


Balance Nervous



Improve Brain



Reduce Fatigue

& Boost Energy


Reduce Depression

& Increase Mood






Save $197



Save $340



Save $800

To schedule over the phone, call us at 505-205-1475.



How to Prepare

  1. Dress casually and comfortably (NeurOptimal is a clothed service, so just dress in a way that supports your comfort).

  2. Avoid wearing earrings (you'll end up needing to take them off so the EEG sensors can be placed).

  3. Avoid hair accessories or wearing your hair up (you'll end up needing to take them/it off/down so the EEG sensors can be placed).

  4. Avoid consuming caffeine or other stimulants 3 hrs prior to your session (this will make relaxation easier).

  5. Avoid alcohol, drugs, and other substance on the day of your NeurOptimal session.

  6. Avoid eating a big meal an hour or two before you NeurOptimal session.

What to Bring

  1. You don't need to bring anything specific for your NeurOptimal session. 

Outlining the NeurOptimal Experience

  1. NeurOptimal sessions are 33 minutes long.

  2. Upon arrival, it will take about 5-10 minutes for our staff to get you settled and begin your session.

  3. During your 35-minute session, you'll wear ear clips and two small sensors on the side of your head (these pick up the electrical activity of your brain). 

  4. Throughout your session you will sit in a comfortable chair while you listen to the NeurOptimal music and watch the screen. When the sensors pick up on instabilities in your brain activity, the music with pause briefly, providing your brain with feedback and training. 

  5. When your session is complete, one of our staff members will come into the room and remove the sensors and clips. 

  6. You'll exit the NeurOptimal room. You are welcome to use our facilities, spend some time in the lounge, or enjoy another service.

Water Drops


Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions here!


How is NeurOptimal different from other feedback systems?

Most other feedback systems require a licensed healthcare practitioner to make a diagnosis in order to create a step by step training process. NeurOptimal is noninvasive brain training and does not require a diagnosis - instead, it operates as an intrinsic self-organizing brain training program. By allowing the brain to flow through all frequencies, this type of training allows the brain to correct itself without any imposing external factors.


Can NeurOptimal help me sleep better and/or reduce stress?

NeurOptimal can help ease and calm your mind, aiding it into a meditative state which can improve your overall relaxation and sleep.


Can I use NeurOptimal if I'm pregnant?

Yes! Neuroptimal is a fantastic tool to use when pregnant! During pregnancy, hormones can influence emotions and states of consciousness - sometimes in challenging ways that influence experiences like overwhelm, emotional intensity, or struggling to rest at night. Neuroptimal is a non-invasive, 100% safe tool to use while pregnant to gain peace of mind, decrease anxiety and depression, and improve your nightly rest. 


Do I need to book appointments in advance?

Most of the time, yes. We do allow last minute bookings for floats when there is a time slot available but it's best to book ahead so you can make sure your reservation is saved for you.

To book, call us at 505.205.1475 or click the button below to book online. 


How often should I use NeurOptimal? 

As often as you want! NeurOptimal allows your brain to function as is, meaning there aren’t any negative side effects to using the training frequently. However, frequency will vary based on individual. Consult with one of our staff members for a personalized recommendation.