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Floating is also sometimes referred to as R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy). In your session, you will enter a "Float Cabin" in which you will spend an hour or more in a warm, completely relaxed state, void of external distractions that we are presented with in our day to day lives.


Lying back, you will float effortlessly on the surface of a highly concentrated Epsom salt solution. With your body in this zero gravity like environment, it is no longer affected by the constant pull of weight and every muscle group is able to relax.


With your body in a relaxed state, the absence of light and sound allows your mind to relax and open up to a new world of potential. Other float experiences cannot compare.


Our extra-large cabins are the newest and biggest in New Mexico! They provide ample room for even the largest person to stretch out and drift away, and the sparkling clean water is automatically filtered and sanitized between each session. Other float experiences just can't compare.

  • Superior Float Experience

  • Ultra Modern

  • More Spacious (8' x 6' x 7')

  • Great for Taller People

  • Computerized Cleaning System



Studies have demonstrated many therapeutic and health benefits of using flotation therapy for:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Sports Injuries

  • Mental Fatigue

  • Back Problems

  • Sore Muscles

  • Arthritis

  • Stress

  • Insomnia

  • ADHD

  • Chronic Pain

  • And more!

  • Complete physical relaxation

  • A liberating feeling of weightlessness

  • Deep mental relaxation

  • Relief from stress

  • Helps heal recent injuries

  • Helps rehabilitate chronic injuries

  • Helps balance sleep patterns

  • Aids in addiction treatment

  • Safe and beneficial during pregnancy

  • Stimulates creative mind states

  • Helps ease arthritis pain



We are proud to provide a very clean and healthy environment for floating. In addition to the naturally antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of highly concentrated Epsom Salt, we  follow strict procedures to keep our tanks and rooms in optimal condition for your float. 


In between each appointment, an automated system filters all of the water 3-6 times (to 1 micron) and treats the water with an ultra effective UV/Hydrogen Peroxide sterilization system.


In addition, the float room and shower areas at LUMEN are cleaned and prepared between each and every client.



The Day of Your Float


  • Do not shave for at least 2 to 4 hours prior to your appointment. The salt water can sting for up to 10 minutes if you have recently shaved.


  • Clients with recently died hair will not be allowed to float. Sorry. 


  • Dress casual and avoid perfumes and essential oils. You will be required to shower and clean thoroughly before your float so skip any heavy make-up or hair products. 


  • Shower time is limited to 5 minutes before and 5-10 minutes after your float. This is to conserve water and to allow us to remain on schedule for our other appointments.


  • Food: It's best to not be hungry or full while floating. You don't want to have your concentration diverted by the needs of your tummy.


  • Avoid alcohol and stimulants like caffeine, tea, or smoking at least 3 hours prior to your appointment. Drugs of any kind are NOT allowed in the tank and we do not allow you float if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.




Please allow 1.5 hours for a 60 minute float and 2 hours for a 90 minutes float. You may also want to plan in some additional time to relax after your float. Add additional time as needed if you are booking other services with LUMEN. We'll be happy to book a custom package for you and give you an expected schedule to plan on. 




We recommend that you float in silence your first few times to get accustomed to flotation therapy. If you'd like to add music, we can provide you with it or you can bring in your own to make your experience special to you.



What to Bring


You do NOT need to bring a bathing suit. It is preferred that you float in the nude (for your comfort and also to keep any detergents from contaminating the water). LUMEN will supply towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face and body moisturizers, disposable ear plugs, hair dryer, tea, and purified water.  You will need to bring your own comb, brush, or any other special items that you require for after your float or treatment.



For New Floaters


  • If it is your first time floating, you will receive an approximately 10 minute orientation to talk you through the procedures, show you how to safely enter and exit the tanks, and learn some tricks to help you have a great float.


  • You will then be asked to shower and you must clean 100% of the oil, dirt, make-up, and any lotions from your body.


  • You will have about 5 minutes to complete your shower.  (The tanks have timers that are started when we leave the room)


  • Feel free to enter the tank right away after you are through washing.


  • Get comfortable and the automated process will begin. When the lights and music begin to dim, your session has begun.


  • When your scheduled time is up, the lights will gradually come on and the music will resume.


  • Please exit the tank at this time as the filtration process will begin shortly.


  • You will then take a second shower to rinse the salt off. 


  • When you are ready, you are free to leave the float room, get ready in the bathroom, and relax in our lounge to reflect, read, journal, or draw before returning to the hustle and bustle of the world. 



Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions here!


How do I prepare for a float?

Other than following the advice above, not much!  You'll want to make sure that you allow yourself enough time to enjoy your float and not feel rushed. After your float you'll likely be in  a relaxed state of mind so allow yourself some extra to enjoy the after effects! You can hang out in our lounge, enjoy a cup of tea, write in our float journal, or just meditate on your experience. 


What if I'm claustrophobic?

We get this question a lot! Usually people feel pretty comfortable after they see the SIZE of our float CABINS.  They are a LOT larger than the tanks and pods at other float centers and are like a room within a room.  They are 6 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 7 feet high so there is plenty of room to stretch out without hitting the sides during your float. Of course, if you experience any anxiety about the room during your float, you can easily turn on the lights or push the door open. Don't worry, the door on the cabin doesn't lock! 


Can I float if I am pregnant?

Absolutely! Floating during pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Many expecting mothers experience stress on the body from the added weight and stress on the mind and emotions from hormonal changes (and the coming life changes). Relaxing in a float takes the weight off and allows your mind and body some much needed rest!

It's a great place to reflect and sometimes moms can even hear the baby's heartbeat!  


Do I need to book appointments in advance?

Most of the time, yes. We do allow last minute bookings for floats when there is a time slot available but it's best to book ahead so you can make sure your reservation is saved for you.

To book,  call us at 505.205.1475 or click the "BOOK NOW" button.


How clean is the water?

Very clean! It is treated for 20 minutes between each customer by pumping the water through filters, passing it through UV Light, and adding a bit of H2O2 too!  We do NOT use Chlorine or Bromine because we believe in clean and safe water, not toxic water. We also clean our tanks and rooms from top to bottom on a regular basis using naturally based cleaners.




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